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Respected classical piano teacher by daylight and Japanese pop idol by moonlight, Paprika Mari is a singer/instrumentalist with a rich and diverse background in music. Her exploration into the many facets of Japanese music is infused by the diversity of her musical experiences, and has resulted in some truly unique projects and performances.


Based in Southern California, Mari is well known at Japanese cultural festivals across California as not only the energetic, vibrant lead vocalist of fan favorite cover band Candy Bomber, but as well as for her solo performances that rival those of Japanese pop idols. From heavy J-Rock to soft J-Pop ballads to even the occasional Anisong, Mari always provides a memorable vocal performance for any type of crowd.


Her idol qualities don’t just stop at singing though, as her event contributions also include being the Master of Ceremonies, fashion model, fashion judge, interviewer, and panel host.  This arsenal of idol skills, combined with her personal spin on Japanese songs, makes Mari an event performer that audiences love to see.

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Currently, in continuation of her quest to introduce audiences to new, diverse sounds, Mari’s most recent project is the Paprika Mari Jazz Ensemble. This project brings to listeners a Jazz influenced presentation of popular Japanese songs alongside her own unique interpretation of popular American Jazz standards.  


Mari released her new and first EP “Yolo-shiku” (11/2018) produced by talented guitarist and song producer, Polo Yazaki, who has toured around the world as band Eyeshine.  Her songs are heavily influenced by her experiences in life from her love of tacos, cats, and anime, and each song has a unique blend of metal and J-rock sprinkled with Japanese humour and Wota-gei energy.  


Upcoming: Japonawa 5/18/2019

Animarathon OH 03/22/19
Sync Halloween 10/20/18
East Meets West Fest 08/19/18
Ronin Expo 06/03/18
Anifest 05/02/18
Ani-Me Fresno 03/17/18
Bar Con Episode 11 11/02/2017
Yataifest 09/30/17
Levitt Pavilion Los Angeles 08/24/17
The Woke Stage 08/17/17
SFAF Afterparty 07/17/17
Paprika Mari Live Jazz Performance 04/15/17
GameBoi Kpop Night 03/10/17
Anime Impulse 01/14/17
Tune in Tokyo @ Rage 11/19/16
PMX 11/12/16
Macrossworld Convention 10/15/16
Ani-Me Fresno 06/18/16
Japonawa 05/27/2016
SixOn Cosplay Fashion Show 04/09/16
Super ANX Dance 07/01/16
Macrossworld Convention 10/17/15
Sabakon LV 09/06/15
Super ANX Dance 07/04/15
Akihabara Happy Holiday 12/06/14
Macrossworld Convention 10/04/14
Otachocoholic 02/15/2014
Macrossworld Convention 10/05/13
Anime Explode 07/26/2013

OtaXmas  12/15/2012

As Candy Bomber

Barcon Season 3 Episode 4 (04/05/2019)
Anifest 2019 (03/23/2019)
Anime Los Angeles 2019 (01/11/2019)
Barcon Matsuri Season 2 Bonus (09/02/18)
Barcon Matsuri Season 2 (05/25/18)
Anime Expo (07/03/18)
Anime Los Angeles (01/26/18)
Barcon Season 2 Episode 1 (01/04/18)
Barcon Season 1 Episode 6 (05/26/17)
Anime Impulse (01/16/17)
Akibafest Afterparty (10/15/16)
The Velvet Room Art Show Pixeldrip Gallery (09/10/16)
Anime CA (09/03/16)
Ani-me con Fresno (06/18/16)
Hanadoki con (03/19/16)
Anime Expo (07/02/15)
Arigato Bazaar (05/02/15)
Anime Los Angeles (01/09/15)
Kikori Con (11/07/14)
Anime CA (08/23/14)
Ramen Yokocho LT (08/16/14)
Ninja-Con (06/07/14)
Japonawa (05/24/14)
Con-Nichiwa (03/21/14)
Anime Los Angeles (01/10/14)
Sakura Bomb (12/21/13)
Hemisphere (11/22/13)
Agit Gallery Halloween (10/31/13)
Anime Explode 1.5 (10/12/13)

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